Member Spotlights

We are so excited to have so many incredibly talented women in our organization! Each one has a beautiful story and a path that has brought us all together. We are sharing a bit about some of these women and their businesses here.


Sarah Klager

The Law Office of Sarah Klager

The Law Office of Sarah Klager has been in business over 12 years and is dedicated to serving the legal needs of South Texas. Sarah Klager is a native of Corpus Christi and she’d love to be a advocate for you if her services are ever needed. Sarah's firm handles divorce, child custody, child support, adoption and child protection matters.

"I joined WES because I believe it is important for women to support each other at every level. So much can be learned no matter what field you are in or pursuing."

Here's how to reach Sarah:



Nikki Riojas

Thirteen & Market

Thirteen & Market is a home decor and gift shop located in Corpus Christi (near Six Points) that features curated collections of goods, including lines from small, independent shops in Corpus Christi and around the globe. Thirteen & Market's parent company was founded by Nikki Riojas in 2002 and she discovered a niche providing products for celebrity gift bags, in addition to amassing a large following in retail and corporate environments. The company has been featured in USA Today, the CBS Morning Show, on Radio Disney, the Radio Music Awards and countless other local and national magazines, TV, radio shows, and high profile events. After taking some time off to focus on her family, Nikki decided to relaunch the company under a new name, Thirteen & Market in Jan., 2016.

As with most things in life, the direction of the company has continued to change and develop over the years. There was an increased interest from customers who wanted to purchase Corpus Christi branded items and from Corpus Christi artists and makers. As a result of this, her newest venture was born. Made in Corpus Christi, LLC showcases the incredible amount of talent produced by creatives in this community. They contract with local designers, curate beautiful lines of locally-made goods, and partner with local businesses to make the products in the city right here in the Coastal Bend.

"When I moved to Corpus Christi 4.5 years ago, I was on a mission to find a group of women business owners who I could connect with. Through the power of social media, it was surprisingly easy to find and form relationships with many small shops, but the idea of getting together in person to learn from one another and develop more meaningful connections was always my focus. Most days I still can't believe that in a little over a year's time, we now have a non-profit organization with 150+ members representing over 50 industries–all working together to advance the mission of women-owned, independent small businesses in the Coastal Bend. This has been an incredible opportunity and I am thankful to each and every one of our members for helping bring these ideas to life."

Here's how to reach Nikki:


Social Media Handles: Thirteen & Market and Made in Corpus Christi



Prestigious Piercing

We are excited to spotlight Sammi Marchese who created Prestigious Piercing 7 years ago. As Corpus Christi’s leading fine body piercing studio, Prestigious Piercing offers quality body piercings for adult and children, fine hand made nickel free gold and implant grade titanium body jewelry made by the worlds best designers, and private tattooing. Along with providing the best quality piercings and jewelry, Sammie provides education and an empowering and encouraging environment.

"I joined WES because I felt frustrated and sometimes alone being a business woman. Amongst my friends I didn’t have anyone to relate to or talk hustle with, I’m young and there’s not a lot of business driven individuals my age, or at least that I knew of. I was drawn to WES because I wanted to make friends with other business savvy women who can relate to the hustle and work that it takes to do what we do."

Check out Prestigous Piercing and get in touch with Sammi:

Email Address:

Social Media Handles: Sammi Marchese

Facebook: Prestigious Piercing



Sincerely, Veronica Towns 

Veronica Towns is a married dog mama of two working to create a positive impact in this world through her writing and her shop. For her shop, she create items that are intended to spread joy, such as super soft and comfy clothing, tote bags, wine tumblers and more. She tries to work with as many local small business owners as possible when outsourcing. Veronica shared that she is always working on new products and this will be her biggest year yet (woo hoo!). Through both her blog and her designs, she hopes to inspire you to believe in yourself, love yourself and to dream big and work hard.

"I joined WES because a friend of mine was in it and I felt as if I was missing out on something great, although at the time, I had no idea just how great WES is. I love the sisterhood and the camaraderie. Everyone in the group cheers for each other and is very generous with advice and guidance. I have learned so much in the short time I have been a member and look forward to growing my confidence and my business."

Here's how you can keep in touch with Veronica:

Email Address: 
Social Media Handles: @sincerelyveronicatowns



Sew Sawdust

Sew Sawdust is the creation of Stephanie Futch, a local artist specializing in wooden decor. From handmade bowls and pens to Scrabble Tiles and growth charts, Sew Sawdust loves bringing your vision to life.

"I joined WES because Mandi Bever told me I had to. I'm so glad I did, it has been the best thing for my business and me personally. I've already learned so much from all the WES ladies about the business side of things and the friendships that have come with are an added bonus."

Here's how you can reach Stephanie:
Email Address:
Social Media Handles: @SewSawdust



Wild Veggie Bouquet

Iuliia Prokhorova ("Julia") is the glorious creator of Wild Veggie Bouquet, now in business for over three years.

Iuliia told us, "Wild Veggie Bouquet was originally inspired to recreate life sized reproduction of famous still life art pieces. Today, my company has evolved: we provide all original beautiful works of edible art and floral creations, run workshops, film Do It Yourself tutorial videos, collaborate with fashion photographers, abd decorate events."

"When Nikki Riojas shared the idea to create WES, I thought 'this is brilliant and so much needed in our city.' That’s why I put so much energy in bringing as many creators and business professionals in our organization as I could. The concept is evolving and today my favorite part of being a WES member is social hours where I can build personal relationships with bright like-minded business ladies."

You can reach Iuliia as follows:






Corpus Christi Nurse Midwife

Sandra Golaszewski is a new businesswoman, having recently created Corpus Christi Nurse Midwife. Sandra shared that, "I believe in safe out of hospital birth, using evidence-based research/care and informed decision making. Risk assessment is my number one priority. There is a Midwife for everyone! Currently, I only specialize in maternity care, but as my practice grows, I will offer more. There are big plans for Corpus Christi."

"I found my passion for women after working in the adult intensive care unit for seven years among the best nurses and physicians. I am a first generation German living in the United States. In Germany, Midwives are called HEBAMME. That’s ME Nurse Midwife/Hebamme/Partera ... so for you German folks out there ... I am here and for the Hispanic community, I am working on my Spanish."

Sandra told us that "WES:CC is terrific! There are so many women that have joined WES:CC, that share their advice in the business world; how to be an excellent leader in your community and for your own business."


Robin Dudley

Southern Florista

Robin Dudley, the creator of Southern Florista, is a Floral Designer who creates unique pieces for homes, both indoor and out. She also creates arrangements for services such as events, weddings and parties. Robin specializes in forever flowers and creates fresh-cut arrangements as well. She loves working with each client to create a piece unique for them and their lifestyle.

"I joined WES because I wanted to meet like minded women who were all motivated to help each other get through the different stages of entrepreneurship. It's a lot harder than it looks. Also gal pals, because who doesn't need a fellow girlboss celebrate wins with!"

Thank you for sharing your floral creations with the world, Robin!

You can reach Robin by email:

Her social medial handles are: @southernflorista (Instagram and Facebook)

Liz 1.jpg


Corpus Christi Maternal Mental Health Coalition

Liz has a goal of making sure new moms in the Coastal Bend area are well and happy! She has created the Corpus Christi Maternal Mental Health Coalition to do just that! CCMMHC is a nonprofit focused on providing support and resources for women in our area that struggle with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Their organization also raises awareness throughout the year with different events to help shed light and instigate more conversation about maternal mental health.

"I joined WES for the incredible networking opportunities, but what has made me stay part of WES is that I’ve met some amazing people and forged equally as amazing friendships with other women who I might never have been connected with had it not been for WES."

You can reach Liz by email at:

Her Facebook page is: Corpus Christi Maternal Mental Health Coalition

Tina 1.jpg


Pink & Chic Boutique

Tina describes Pink & Chic as “an online boutique that LOVES popping up around town. We carry a curated collection of on trend women’s and young contemporary apparel and accessories. We believe that the modern fashionista can dress chic and comfortably without spending a fortune."

"We are amazed at the local bossbabes in town and are looking forward to learning and growing with a terrific group of entrepreneurs. Pink and Chic welcomes any advice, ideas, and constructive criticism that you lovely ladies have to offer on our journey to pursue our dreams as a small business owner."

To view Tina's lovely product line, check out her website above or visit her Facebook page at Pink & Chic Boutique.

To personally contact Tina, you can reach her at



Lillian Jean Photography

Lillian Jean Photography of Rockport, Texas was created in January 2018 when Lillian began offering free and donation-based family photo shoots to those who had lost their family photos in the hurricane. She also helped raise money for her friends who had lost their small businesses due to the hurricane. Inspired by nature and personal stories, Lillian aims to capture more than just the traditional photograph. She offers a wide range of services from lifestyle family sessions to small business branding sessions with an emphasis on personal connections and authentic storytelling.

“I joined WES to meet, network with and learn from other talented business women. I am unbelievably grateful for the friendships that I have formed through this group!”

You can reach Lillian Reitz via email at: or on Facebook at Lillian Jean Photography.

Suzanna 1.jpg


The Vine Juice Company

Deliciousness and vibrant health abound when you're talking about Suzanna Sudder and her business, The VINE Juice Company!

In describing her business, Suzanna shared that "The VINE Juice Company proudly offers raw, natural and fresh cold pressed juices. All 16 oz juices have 3-5 lbs of raw vegetables and fruit and have no additives whatsoever. Our juice cleanse packages range from 1-10 day increments. We are excited to bring health and wellness to Corpus one juice at a time!"

As a veteran/woman business owner, Suzanna tells us that she saw tremendous value in being part of an organization of women that support each other. She loves supporting local small businesses, especially women business owners and saw joining this group as another way to continue her efforts.

If you haven't tried The VINE's juices yet, you'll want to visit her primary location on Staples and her booth at the local farmer's markets! For more information, check out her Facebook page at The VINE Juice Company and her Instagram page at

To your health!

Gayle 1.jpg


Postal Annex

Gayle Thomas has been in business with Postal Annex for 6 1/2 years with this little gem of a shipping store that offers so much more than shipping! Postalannex also shreds and has several notaries on staff. They also offer faxing and scanning and have a large selection of unique gifts.

Gayle joined WES:CC to get to know other women entrepreneurs and to have an opportunity to network.

You can reach Gayle by email at:

Postal Annex is on Facebook at:

Hailey 1 (2).jpg


Teacup Goods

The lovely Hailey Chapman is a senior at TAMUCC and the creator/owner of Teacup Goods (and a few other businesses as well!) to name a few amazing accomplishments for this young entrepreneur. Her own creation, all her products are made WITH tea.

Teacup Goods creates and curates a wide variety of quality loose-leaf tea blends. Those blends are used to make jelly, shortbread cookies, bath bombs, soaps, bath salts, or just to drink and enjoy! Hailey's philosphy is: "No matter the question, tea is always the answer!"

"As a full-time college student who lives at home, I really knew nothing about starting a business. I came to WES:CC hoping to find support and mentorship, and also found sisterhood and opportunity beyond my wildest dreams."

We know you'll want to connect with Hailey! You can reach her on Facebook at Teacup Goods and on Instagram at

Kassie 00.jpg


Rollin’ Tide Boil Co.

We’d like to introduce you to KASSIE SMITH. Kassie’s business, Rollin' Tide Boil Co, has been in business 2 years. Kassie shared with us that “We are The Original On-Site Provider of Shrimp Boils and Bonfires in the Coastal Bend. With hardly any services on the beach we decided to provide a unique experience for families and friends to create unforgettable memories together!“

“I decided to join WES to meet other hardworking, creative women who wanted to be a part of something that Corpus needed. It is so amazing to hear everyone's story on how they got to be where they are today. There is nothing better than seeing all these beautiful faces light up when they talk about their passion!”

Follow Kassie on Facebook at Rollin' Tide Boil Co. - Port Aransas



Sonya D. Wolda, CPA P.C. 

Sonya is a CPA and has been running her own accounting firm for 12 years. Sonya D. Wolda, CPA P.C. offers comprehensive client accounting, payroll, and tax services to individuals, small businesses, and other entities through an approach that is both personal and professional. Always responsive to her client's needs, Sonya offers a free 30-minute consultation when and where it's most convenient for you.

"I discovered WES quite by accident... and was VERY intrigued! Having served on the Board of the San Antonio Women's Chamber for many years, I knew I was ALL IN (especially after talking with Nikki)! This new group of women will do nothing but prosper in the coming years and I am looking forward to [their] success."

You can learn more about Sonya Wolda, CPA P.C. by visiting her website ( or connecting with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Laura Schimmel1.jpg

Laura Schimmel

Padre Ryan Photographic

Winner of Best of the Best 2017 for photo and video, Laura Schimmel loves to work with the people of the Coastal Bend. Padre Ryan Photographic capture life's most important moments with style, delivering only awesome products for their wedding, event, senior and commercial clients.

“I joined WES after seeing a spotlight article in The Bend Magazine and immediately knew I wanted to be in the group. Being a part of a collective that helps women empower each other is an easy sell for me! Before joining, I found myself struggling for ways to reach good, viable, local resources for help with my business. In the few months that I have been a member of WES I have learned more than all my other searching combined. The meetings and workshops offer so much great information and and tons of inspiration, and the community members offer a resource that is unquantifiable. Their encouragement, the local networking and the feeling of doing it all together as community of equals has become to mean a lot more to me than I ever thought it could. Seeing other women succeed has inspired a confidence in my own success that I didn't even know I was missing.”

Keep in touch with Laura on social media:



Mandi 2.jpg

mandi bever

Mandi Bever Health & Happiness Coach

Health & Happiness Coach Mandi Bever works with women to bring more joy & ease into their personal & professional lives by helping them get clear on what they want & set realistic goals to make it happen. She provides support, encouragement, & accountability checks with regular meetings (online & in-person). While her focus is on improving your relationship with yourself & others, she is trained in hundreds of dietary theories to help meet your physical health goals as well!

“I love women supporting women! This is exactly what our world needs more of. I am eager to learn about & promote your businesses, celebrate your victories, & I hope you will help me grow, too.”

Be sure to follow Mandi on Facebook at Mandi Bever, Health & Happiness Coach.

Randi1 (2).jpg

Randi Carroll

Driftwood Coffee Company

Driftwood Coffee Co. provides specialty coffee to both their retail customers and their wholesale clients in Corpus Christi and beyond. They strive to source coffee with integrity, roast it with expertise, and deliver it with care.

"I joined WES to meet other like-minded creative women in the community. I love being a member because every person in the WES community is inspirational and encouraging!"

Visit Randi on social media:


Facebook: Driftwood Coffee Company



Water Dog Floating Yoga

Water Dog is a yoga and fitness studio located outdoors in the Corpus Christi Marina and indoors downtown. We offer yoga and fitness classes on the floating deck of our houseboat studio and classes on SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) like SUP Yoga, SUP Pilates, SUP Fit and Paddle Conditioning. We also host workshops, groups and private classes.

"I am a new member and just recently joined. I feel being part of the local community and working with other business and entrepreneurs helps us all grow and succeed."

Follow Water Dog Floating Yoga on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all of their upcoming classes and events!



RaeLea and Co.

Kristen Bingham is the co-owner of the darling children’s boutique RaeLea and Co.! Kristen and her sister Kendra are two sisters who are blessed with little boys but love to shop for girls. So, they decided to have the best of both worlds and shop for it all. They are excited to offer affordable clothing for your little ones via their online shop AND their new brick and mortar boutique is located in San Antonio, TX!

“My favorite part of WES is meeting all of the wonderful ladies who have similar dreams and goals. The support has been unconditional!”

Be sure to follow their shop on Instagram and their Facebook page to see all of these new products for your little ones.


Swatkasa Kasham Afengbai 

Swat Kasham PhotoImagery

With the tag line “Capture your worth” Swat Kasham PhotoImagery aims to give every woman age 8 to 80 the best images of themselves.

"I joined WES because I’ve always wanted to be part of a community of women entrepreneurs. My favorite part of being a member is all the events geared towards promoting our various businesses."

Follow Swat and see all of her beautiful work on Facebook and Instagram!