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We love to hear about our member accomplishments! All members are encouraged to submit their information through the form below, so we are able to promote and highlight as many women as possible.

If you have a upcoming event you will be attending as a vendor, speaker, participant, etc. please select EVENT from the option menu and complete the form so we can add it to our weekly Member Events post on the Member Facebook Page.

If you have been featured in the media for work you are doing either professionally or personally, please select NEWS from the option menu and complete the form so we may add it to our Press/News section of the WES:CC website.

Please email any corresponding photos/graphics to: and include the following:
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Date of Event or Media Placement
Ex: Jane Smith with XYZ Company featured in The Bend Magazine. or Sarah Jones of ABC Studio to attend Downtown Farmer's Market on Aug. 30.
Please share all pertinent details of the news or event you're posting, along with any registration links, websites, and/or location information whenever possible.