We are excited to announce the WES Online Store–opening Fall 2018! 

As a WES member, we invite you to submit products that you design or make that reflect the mission of our organization. This curated collection of goods will be available for purchase on our website at wescc.org and available for local pick-up. The program will serve to promote our local member talents while also fundraising for our organization. 

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Members submit photos, a short description, and pricing to admin@wescc.org.

  2. Products will be sold on consignment at a 50/50 split rate (ex: Maker cost: $5, Retail price: $10, $5 proceeds go to WES).

  3. Products will be reviewed/approved by the WES:CC Online Shop team.

  4. A physical sample will be required before final approval may be made.

  5. Professional photos will be taken of each item prior to being added to the online store.

  6. A WES kiosk will be created at Thirteen & Market to display all products.

  7. Product may be housed at Thirteen & Market and picked up by customers during business hours.

  8. Payouts to Makers will be on the last day of each month via a WES check.

  9. Returns/refunds will not be offered.

  10. Damaged or defective merchandise will be the responsibility of the Maker.

Merchandise examples:

  1. WES:CC logo’d items (approved logo usage only) Brand guidelines available upon request.

  2. Apparel

  3. Gift Items

  4. Photography

  5. Art

  6. Signage

  7. Office Items

  8. Accessories

Items are not required to carry the WES:CC logo, however the overall aesthetic should align with our WES brand.