Mentor Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in participating in our WES:CC Mentor Program! Below, please find a short set of questions, created to help us match you with a mentee. This is a new program, so we will be requesting input from our mentor and mentee participants along the way.

Name *
Have you worked as a mentor previously? *
Are you open to working with more than one mentee? *
How often would you be able to meet with your mentee? *
Select any that work in your schedule
Would you be interested in having a quarterly Mentor/Mentee Dinner to connect with others in the Mentor Program? *
Do you have someone in the group you’d like to work with specifically, or anyone who has already expressed an interest in working with you? *
(Please note, we may not be able to match you up with this person based on availability, but we will certainly try!)